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My name is Christina Stoltz and I am an educator, activist & designer based in Bali. My globally accredited wellness certifications, bespoke private coaching & luxury leadership retreats are all yours online. Follow me online as I make my patent public in less than 10 weeks!

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I am honored to share my story with you and I hope the lessons I have learned bring you insight, inspiration, and a few great belly laughs. Let's stay connected so we can help one another become the best, brightest, and boldest versions of ourselves ... It takes a village to make real magic happen.

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free weekday wellness live online

Welcome to STUDIO C, my online workout and wellness clinic. Join me January 9th through April 1st for 12 weeks of free workouts and wellness hacks hosted live online from my Bali studio/showroom and offered Mon-Thurs AM/PM (so you can get your sweat on wherever in the world you lay your laptop down). Can't make class? These equipment-minimal sweat sessions will be recorded!

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Welcome to The IMPERFECT 10, my new video diary offering real talk on what it means to run headfirst in the direction of your dreams. Over the next 10 weeks, I'm getting raw and honest and the lessons I've learned on the road to launching my new start-up so I can help you succeed and inspire you to keep going, even when it seems impossible.

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Get Reformer Certified in Bali & Online

Ploome Pilates is back as the bespoke education provider it was always intended to be. Join me for the world's first and only Pelvic-Informed Pilates Mat & Reformer Certification - a 200HR training program to be completed in 28 days in Bali or in 12 weeks online. Seat yourself at the forefront of the pelvic revolution while building a business you love.

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sustainability is sexy

meet the patent-pending green machine

Welcome to SHEBEAST co, Ploome's sustainable design partner in Bali, Indonesia. We build bamboo Pilates Reformers that look hot, travel well, and save the planet. We are patent-pending (woot woot!) and currently accepting orders worldwide. Now, your Pilates Reformer is a sleek and eco-chic reflection of you - brilliant by design and ready to roll.

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