Starting Over at 39 Ain't Easy, But What Other Choice Do I Have?

Welcome to The IMPERFECT 10. My name is Christina Stoltz, and I am a product designer who has literally risked life and limb to come out here to Bali, Indonesia, to build my own Pilates Reformers and get a patent on my design.

I wish I could say the past three years have been full of late nights and hot sex and fun friends and adventure and intrigue. But the fact is, this has been a disaster. It's been a pretty rough road to get this product to launch. And in that process, I completely disappeared from everyone I know and love.

You know, they say it takes a lot to really build your dream. I'm here to tell you, you better be ready to sacrifice it all and then open a trap door and go even deeper into the recesses of what you're willing to give up and leave behind in order to pursue your most authentic self and truest calling. I was afraid to share that story for many years.

The past three years - man, I lost my home. I lost my hair. I felt like I lost my pride. My ego was bruised. I felt unsuccessful, unattractive, unintelligent. I felt so much shame and guilt and remorse. What have I done? Why am I here? This will never work. I'm not good enough. It's not good enough. It will never be enough. And I just sat in those feelings by myself, and I'm no longer going to do that.

Instead, I have bundled my crazy experiences into 10 weeks, this 10 week video diary to share with you practical tips and tricks and stories on how to overcome those obstacles that stand in the way of your dream. I can honestly say that I am shooting my shot. Not many people can say that, but I have truly walked through the fire. I'm still in it.

And I was nervous about sharing my Britney-like meltdown with you previously. And now I see that there's a lot of power in being genuinely truthful about my story.

So I invite you to join me over the next couple of months as I launch my product. And as I share with you everything it's taken to get to this point. My hope is that you can find encouragement, empowerment, inspiration from my story, and that some of my lessons can help you avoid pitfalls that you might experience. And some can also lead to success that you've never even dreamed.

I'm excited to share this with you, and I look forward to celebrating 2023 and beyond together. Let's do this in an imperfect but also awesome way.

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