Welcome to My Online Wellness Clinic & Bali Design Lab!


Hey, guys. I am so excited to finally kick off 12 weeks of online classes in celebration of my much anticipated and very much delayed teacher training here in Bali and online, and also the launch of my patent-pending reformers.

I am coming to you live from the little design nook in my home here in Bali and I thought today would be an awesome way to just say hello. Today is my 39th birthday and I wanted to spend the day in gratitude to you.

I'm so grateful to all of you for reconnecting with me and for following these fun messages. And I promise not to spam you. And I promise here on out to only provide you with quality content and educational material, to keep you feeling happy and healthy and really inspired. But today is dedicated to just sending a personal note of love and Thanks.

So behind me, you can see again my design board. I've been working for three years, honest to God, around the clock to build these amazing Pilates reformers. And I wanted to take a second today to tell you about my progress thus far.

So I came out here, as many of you know, to study meditation. And I did complete that program. I did 800 hours of meditation training in the jungle. At that time, the ultimate plan was to simultaneously run online classes for those clients who are interested in staying connected and to continue to grow the Ploome community while I was here in Bali.

Unfortunately, though, well, I guess, fortunately in many ways, the 800 hour meditation program - it totally cracked my head open - and it forced me to slow down and to process and assess some things that I had been running from for a really long time in my life.

Sadly, that process of self-discovery took me away from you and led me down a couple of really dark roads that I just had to travel alone.

But I can say that coming out of that and moving to the other side of that, I feel so much more equipped and just so much better prepared to serve you in the way I always intended. So for that, I'm truly grateful.

Now again, design lab behind me. While I've been out here, I connected with a ton of amazing bamboo carpenters and farmers and, basically, from the end of my meditation program onward, I just traveled around on my scooter in Bali trying to find these people to help me make this dream a reality.

In the meantime, I took welding classes, bamboo architecture classes, design classes, and I just sat down and sketched out my dream machine. And we've arrived there, finally, after all this time.

The machines that I've made are super rad. They're portable, they're customizable, they're completely green. And they really reflect all of the hard work that the past three years have been. I am very excited over the next 12 weeks to offer you online content and programming that's just geared to make you feel good and to help us reconnect.

And so I want to invite you to visit my website in order to sign up for free classes. Classes are equipment-free and equipment-minimal, and I would love to get back in the saddle with you guys and to share a couple of really amazing sweats.

I also want to take a moment to invite all of you to take a look at the teacher training. And the teacher training is near and dear to my heart. As many of you know, it's something I work to prepare for many years. Lots of failed attempts, lots of false starts, lots of unexpected personal and professional obstacles. But it is finally happening and I am so stoked to bring it to you.

The teacher training is completely pelvic-informed, which means it is going to take a radical focus on pelvic floor health, rehabilitation, and optimization of performance. This training is a truly bio-mechanically diverse and really sound functional movement education program that's designed to help you transform your practice, to elevate your current Pilates or movement status, and, of course, to just help you reconnect mind and body in a way that's rooted in science, in neuroscience, and in physical therapy.

Again, I am super blessed to be back online with you and totally excited to send you this imperfect email and I cannot wait to share some sweats with you this week. I hope to hear from you soon. And I send you much light and love.



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