welcome to the imperfect 10, my video diary on what it really means to fail forward in life & biz.

My name is Christina Stoltz and I am a trauma recovery specialist and green product designer in Bali, Indonesia. I've risked life and limb (literally!) to bring my patent-pending product to market. Join me over the next 10 weeks as I share with you raw and honest reflections on what it takes to run headfirst in the direction of your dreams, to push through every setback, and somehow find the courage and strength to keep going ... to keep putting one foot in front of the other (no matter how difficult or painful that process may be).

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I am honored to share my story with you and I hope the lessons I have learned bring you insight, inspiration, and a few great belly laughs. Let's stay connected so we can help one another become the best, brightest, and boldest versions of ourselves ... It takes a village to make real magic happen.